Get Involved


Get Involved

There are many ways we can make a difference to the welfare of small animals. Whether you donate, foster a small animal, use our services, attend our events or link to us from your website, each action brings us one step closer to fulfilling our life-saving mission. Scroll down to see more information on some of the ways you can contribute.

First things first, come join our Facebook Community!

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moneybunnyMonetary gifts make a huge difference

If you would like to gift financially toward the upkeep of our rescue animals, we would be very grateful! You can elect to specify what your donation will be used toward, whether it be medical, food, bedding or other sundry costs the rescue incurs.

You can transfer directly to our shelter’s account (preferred), send us a cheque or use Paypal (please note that Paypal take a percentage of the amount). If you use the PayPal button below, please make sure you leave an e-mail address so we can thank you!


Name: Porsche’s Rescue
BSB: 082309 (NAB)
Acc: 117337125

Porsche’s Rescue
P.O. Box 66
Thornleigh NSW 2120

Contribute your SKILLS!

Are you a Wonderful Writer, a Marvellous Marketer, a Fabulous Fundraiser or a Super-Duper Software Developer? Would you like to add some volunteer work to fill out your Resum√©? If you’d like to help Porsche’s Rescue by donating your skills and are aged over 18, send us a message. If you can think of a way to contribute your skills that is not listed, we’d love to hear from you.

Provide a temporary home by fostering

There are many reasons for fostering a small animal and it can be really rewarding to see them find good homes. We are always looking for experienced carers to foster small animals, so if you think you might like to offer a temporary home, please contact us!.

Got a car? Volunteer to transport animals

Perhaps you can volunteer your time and vehicle to help with transportation. We need animals picked up from all over the Sydney area and are building a network of transport volunteers to help collect small animals from pounds and shelters, and sometimes from veterinary hospitals. If you would like to occasionally offer us a little of your time and transport, please drop us a line with the subject ‘Driver’s Club’.

Invite us to your event

If you are holding a pet expo, school fete or public show, please consider inviting us along. We provide an educational introduction to the benefits of rescuing small animals by bringing along a few special rescue pets to interact with the public, as well as informational flyers and a lot of knowledge to answer questions!

Support or Sponsor us

We are always looking to build a long term relationship with suppliers. If you are a produce store, pet supplies shop or other business (such as a print shop!) that could regularly provide us with products or discounts on products, we would love to hear from you! Please drop us a line.