Boarding Enquiry Form

Boarding is limited to small animals including: rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and ferrets.

Prices: Boarding is normally charged at $10 per day per animal. However, prices are subject to change without notice, and will increase during peak times when spaces become limited.

We are located at Glenorie, and hold appointments from 10am-2pm. Please ensure the time you can drop off or pick up your pet falls between these times.

Please complete the boarding enquiry form below for a quote. Boarding is subject to space availablility and may be refused at the discretion of Porsche’s Rescue.

Bunnies must be vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to boarding, and no longer than 10 months ago. Please note: vaccinating your bunnies the day before bringing them does not give them enough time to be protected. This is for your bunnies safety, so please ensure you plan ahead.

Fill all fields as accurately as possible. Not providing an amount for veterinary treatment will result in your pet wasting time sitting at a clinic being untreated, while we try to reach you, should they become ill. With rabbits/guinea pigs, every moment counts. Naturally, we wouldn’t take them to the vet unless it was urgent, and obviously we’d try to reach you as our first course of action.

Please provide as much information, as accurately as possible. If you put “rabbit” as breed, please let us know if he/she is Large (3.5+kg) medium (2-3.5kg) or small (0-2kg). If you list your bunny as a Netherland Dwarf, and show up with a giant, the quote is void and you will be paying a higher fee.

Animals that show up with fleas or mites may be turned away. Please check them every day prior to boarding.

All medical/special needs must be listed prior to receiving a quote. Failure to do so may result in a price change. If your bunny is missing teeth and needs veggies chopped up, please put it on the form. If your bunny needs regular penicillin injections, please state this before expecting a quote. General medical charges are: $6 extra for injections or oral medications. Subject to length of animal’s stay and individual situation.

Finally, please enter correct proposed drop off and collection dates, (not the days you fly in, etc). As stated, we only hold appointments from 10am-2pm, so if your plane lands in the evening, you’ll have to plan an extra boarding day. Consider jet lag, and whether you’ll be in a safe state to drive or have made other transport arrangements before deciding on a day.