A Special Rescue

Special rescue today. I don't like speculating on the history of our rescues as a general rule, or sensationalising stories for more clicks. However, I don't think I'd be wrong in my conclusion, that this sweet girl fell from a truck on the way to slaughter. Some kind people ran through traffic upon seeing her on the road, luckily she wasn't hit after surviving the fall. Upon arriving at the shelter it is quite clear she is only a baby, still making little baby chirping noises, and yet already the size of a full grown chicken. Sweet Winnie here was bred for one thing... meat. And that means that she has grown unnaturally large, and heavy, for a wee 6-12 week old baby. She's condemned to a short life due to poor genetics, as a result of selective breeding. But she deserves a good life! I am surprised by how sweet and docile Winnie (or Nini, as she's nicknamed, given we already have a dog called Whinnie) is. Despite her background, she sought comfort from me straight away. Very soon I realised I didn't have to worry about fences, for she just wanted to come to me for pats. Vedo was very keen to check her over, and after some stern telling off, I realised Vedo knew best, for Winnie was just as keen to know him. For now, it seems I will be Winnie's best friend, as she is in quarantine before she can go near the flock. Photos don't show what a gentle and sweet girl she is. So lucky fate, and some caring people, brought her here.