Available for Adoption: Bella and Cali

Available for Adoption: Bella and Cali Bella and Cali are only 7 months old. In that time, they've had an 11 year old girl love them and handle them. It's clear she was gentle and kind, as these rats have the most beautiful and engaging personalities. Sadly, due to a move, Bella and Cali could no longer stay in their home, and came to our shelter. These girls are young, and not fully grown yet. They love to run on their wheel and play, enjoy their home cooked veggie stews, and will always race to the door when they see me, ready to be picked up for cuddles and giving licks. Bella is the brown faced girl, while Cali is black faced. They are just the sweetest, best rats ever, and I owe it to their former owner to find them as good a home as the one they came from. Location: Glenorie Adoption fee: $120 If interested, please send us a message, and we'll get back to you with our adoption questions.