StarDust and MoonLight

female guinea pig

Stardust (caramel face) and Moonlight (brown face) are two stunning girls that were saved by inspectors, but had to come to our shelter as they were too frightened to be adopted. They've spent a couple of months at our shelter under rehabilitation, and making sure they weren't pregnant (they're just a healthy tubby weight, give them a break, they've had a hard life!) and have come far in that time. Stardust has improved the most, and doesn't spend much time hiding in the igloo. She knows people mean treats now, and will sing for her dinner. She is easier to pick up and will sit on your lap for a cuddle. Moonlight is a lot more reserved, and will hide away. She hasn't come as far, but we are confident that like any guinea pig, she will come around with time. She was a very good girl during her photoshoot, I was most impressed that she sat there looking pretty for so long in the open (while Stardust had to be woken up a couple of times, cheeky girl). These are stunning ladies, but would need a more experienced home. Someone who is patient and willing to continue creating a safe environment for them so they know they won't be hurt or abused ever again.

Medical notes

StarDust and MoonLight has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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