Sebastian and Julian

desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

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Sebastian (blue eyed white mini lop) and Julian (blue eyed brown mini lop) are brothers, that are looking for a new home due to no fault of their own. Their mum needs to return overseas, and not being able to take them, she called our shelter as a last option before taking them to be put down. These boys have been very spoilt and have never known hardship, living as free range indoor bunnies. So, their mum was very concerned that they could continue living in the luxury they've become accustomed to.

When Sebastian and Julian arrived, they were very confused and timid. They did not have much handling, but slowly they've settled in and the change in them has been extraordinary. They are great to pick up and cuddle now, Julian especially will come over to get pats and just loves the attention, however in a new situation he is the shyer one, while Sebastian will want to go for an adventure and explore. Their personalities have come out so much, and they are simply the most gorgeous pair! I just want to keep them and smother them in love forever, but reason dictates that being so highly adoptable, they need to find a great new home so another rescue can be saved.

It's not only their previous owner that has anxiety they find the best of the best homes, but also myself now. These boys have been used to a mature household, so we're not looking at homes with young kids as that would scare them. They need someone patient, who will let them come to them at their own pace, and not be impatient to have cuddles while they settle in. We basically want someone who can love them as much as we do. Obviously, indoors as part of the family is a must. The boys are well litter trained :)

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Adoption Process

Sebastian and Julian is available for $150ea. Learn about our fees and charges. If you have any enquiries or wish to apply to adopt Sebastian and Julian, please complete the enquiry form below. If you match Sebastian and Julian's needs, we will organise a meet'n'greet session.

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