Santa’s Little Helper – On Hold

desexed, vaccinated, female rabbit

(Currently under trial, while bonding with another bunny at the shelter)

Well, you can probably tell by going off her name, that his poor lass hasn't had the best of luck. Obviously, she found herself at the pound around Christmas, and wasn't adopted for months. She made her way here after scoring the title of longest impounded bunny, and now has fully recovered from her vet work so is ready for a new home. Santa's Helper is a wonderful girl, super snuggly and always wanting pats. She is young and playful, very playful, and does the most magnificent bunny rolls. She is litter trained and enjoys lots of toys to keep her entertained during the day.

Come and adopt this gorgeous girl, and save her from being called Santa's Little Helper. Honestly... you got to adopt and rename this girl, don't leave her to suffer any longer! Nobunny deserves a name like Santa's Little Helper...

Medical notes

Santa’s Little Helper – On Hold has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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