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Purcey was rescued from the pound. Although initially we thought Purcey might be a boy, we're now thinking more likely a girl, or a gay gander. So we're not certain about Purcey's gender (or sexual preferences). However it doesn't matter, this stunningly gorgeous goose is white with striking blue eyes. Purcey is very chatty, will gently take food from you hands, likes a pat, is easy to pick up, and is just all round great. However, Purcey needs a home with able bodied goose friends. She will pick on disabled geese, which is why she can't stay with our old, blind and lame girls here.

Purcey is such a love, we're looking for a very special home. You will need a water source, as she loves to have regular baths, a very secure and protected night time enclosure, a lot of space, and a lot of time to bond and become her best friend. She doesn't bother chickens and would be happy amongst them, but would love a gander friend to hang out with as well. She is quite protective of her flock, and doesn't mind telling strangers or dogs to get off her turf.

Medical notes

Purcey has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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