desexed, vaccinated, female rabbit

Penelope-Charlotte was found as a stray, and even the staff that cared for her were amazed no owner came looking to find her! This girl has the most Fabulous ears, they're the biggest, floppiest, widest, soft ears we've ever seen on a bunny. She doesn't look like any Australian breed of bunny. She's too marvellous. With those great looks comes a great nature! She is friendly but also independent enough not to mind if you work during the day. Loving but not needy. She tolerates being picked up, but would rather have four feet on firm ground, thank you. Would make an excellent house rabbit, as she has not been destructive while at the shelter and is so amazing to look at. Photos don't do this girl (and those ears) justice.

Medical notes

Penelope-Charlotte has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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