desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Patch is a bit of a surprise. After hearing how he came to be homeless, and arriving at the shelter late at night as a scared little boy, the last thing I imagined was that he'd come from a life of privilege and love. The very next morning after having settled in overnight, Patch showed a completely different side to him! He came straight over for pats, and amazingly, enjoyed being picked up and held. He is confident, in fact, he has confidence in spades. Not afraid of anyone here, perhaps the dogs should be afraid of him! He is a lovely little boy, that is very happy when everything goes his way. Namely, that you pat him. All day, whenever he wants, lol.

We won't go into how Patch came to be with us, but after looking at his background, I can see his previous family cared very much about him while he was with them. He is used to a very good diet, having free range of the house, playing with toys, using a litter tray, etc. More of a dog than a bunny, he is very smart, wants to keep busy, and is very affectionate when shown respect.

Patch's life came crashing down a while ago, but he is picking up the pieces and starting afresh. Now he just needs a new home where he can be loved and spoilt.

Medical notes

Patch has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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