desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Panther did not have a great start before coming to rescue. Possibly due to a bad diet, his teeth had overgrown to such an extent that he could no longer eat, and was then dumped by the side of a road. People saw him for a while until someone cared enough to pick him up and take him into a vet. Panther was in a very neglected way, starving, underweight, etc. He was transferred to our vet who has removed his front teeth permanently, so they'll never overgrow and prevent him from eating again. This means all his food needs to be in bite sized pieces, but he has adapted to this very well and is now a healthy weight! (The plus side is, he can't chew your furniture!)

Despite seeing the worst in humans, Panther continues to be trusting even if quite independent. He is good to handle, will sit on your lap for pats, comes over unless she's busy doing something else, and has a great temperament. He is also well litter trained at the shelter.

Let's make sure her next home is a good one! After what he's been through, we owe him that.

Medical notes

Panther has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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