desexed, vaccinated, female rabbit

Marilyn was rescued from the pound with her siblings when she was only 2 days old, and still had her eyes closed. A member of the public had found the litter of newborn baby bunnies in her garage, and sadly, did not bother bringing in the mother rabbit at the same time.

Marilyn was so young she could only drink milk, and was handreared and nursed through some very difficult weeks, as very few bunnies survive at such a young age without a proper bunny mum. Despite the odds, she and 5 others out of 8 pulled through! Marilyn was such a good baby, and was the first to discover how to properly suckle from the bottle, giving us hope that her will would see her survive. She was a big favourite, as no matter how frustrating the other babies could be with their lack of hunger and cooperation, Marilyn would steadily drink her quota of milk and have a healthy round belly at the end of it! She was also the first baby to go off milk, which shocked us as it was far too early. She soon communicated that from one day to the next, she would no longer drink from the bottle but wanted her milk in a bowl. Even easier for us! So she has been a very good girl all her life.

Marilyn is a friendly girl, who gains lots of confidence from being around her siblings. She is very bonded to me (as I hand reared her) so adopters should be aware that she may have separation issues initially, and they will need to be very patient till she warms up to them. New environments and situations do send these babies hiding for cover, (as is expected as they are half wild hare), but they are being exposed to a range on situations both indoor and outdoor, and get more and more curious about the world around them. Marilyn would do best in a mature household, without loud or unpredictable sounds.She would love to be adopted with one (or the more the merrier) of her siblings.

Medical notes

Marilyn has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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