desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Jesse has been boarding at our shelter or over a year, while his parents are working overseas. Sadly, his parents have extended their stay, and have decided that instead of leaving Jesse in limbo, he should be given the opportunity to find a new family. On the bright side, if he hasn't found a home by the time they come back, they will definitely be picking him up. So as you can see, Jesse is not the type of bun we normally have on our site. He's always known love, always been cared for, and always had the best of everything. Jesse needs to continue living as an indoor bunny, as that is all he has ever known (with daily visits to the grassy playpen). He is very good with his litter habits (but please note, no cheap second hand newspaper for this boy, he only accepts newspaper kitty litter! He is quite happy to use that, but line a tray with newspaper and he will pull it out and defiantly pee on the plastic. So make sure you stock up on newspaper pellets, the expensive kind!)

I've known Jesse for a year now, and can tell you he's one sweet bunny, who knows what he wants. He had an ear infection upon arrival, but has had surgery on both ears to prevent any future problems. He does get weepy eyes every now and then, but has good dental health and is not affected. Maybe he cries occasionally cause he misses his parents. He likes to arrange his enclosure and toys just the way he wants. For instance, if I place the litter tray in the corner, he will angrily move it away from the wall. When I clean the litter tray, I will put it right back into the middle of his room just the way he had it, only for him to roll his eyes and push it into the corner. He also insists on one litter tray being empty, so he can turn it upside down to sit on. He must have things his own way ;) Having said that, so long as you keep his enemy (newspaper) away, then he is super clean and non destructive.

Instead of going on, I think you can hear more about Jesse directly from the mouth of the people who know him best. This is what Jesse's parents have to say about him:
- he's more of a cat than a rabbit, we think. He likes to be near you always when he is out free in the house. always in the same room, even if not right beside you. He'd gladly sit on the end of the bed if we were sleeping in or watching a movie in bed.
- he especially loved flopping next to us when we were watching TV. Especially superhero movies for some reason.
- he loves digging and 'renovating' cardboard
- he loves finding the highest point in the room and going up there at any opportunity
- hes a bunny who will actually enjoy a hug and snuggle in under your chin.
- he loves any dark places, and if he is freerange in a home he'll be sure to find them and sit there quietly for hours.
- he's a pretty cute, lazy bunny who sleeps a lot during the day, but is a stickler for routine and will cause a ruckus if he's not fed at the same time each morning.
- he loves carrot - his absolute favorite treat (although banana is a strong contender)
- he's very affectionate and will lick you 'groom you' on the arm for a long time, especially if you've been nice enough to give him a little pat on the head first!
- he loves watching the world outside (when he was an indoor semi-freerange bunny). He'd always find a spot next to a window and just watch the trees or people outside. his favourite place to flop was just by the glass balcony door.
- he's a good, if mischievous indoor bunny. Most of the time he could be kept out of his cage for hours if we were home, but he did have a tenancy to dig the carpet so you do have to keep an eye on him and I wouldn't recommend leaving him out side of his cage overnight.

Medical notes

Jesse has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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