Become a SAFE (Sponsor And Fund Everyone) Fairy

Do you want to help animals directly? By becoming a SAFE (Sponsor And Fund Everyone) Fairy, you’ll be helping so many animals. Running a rescue is a community effort, whether it’s by adopting, transporting animals, fostering, or lending a hand in any way. Sadly, rescues are usually privately funded, and to allow shelters to continue and expand, a community is needed behind them. Adoptions, boarding, fundraising are some of the ways we manage to cover some costs, but they are not a regular source of income throughout the year. That’s why we’re asking you to become a SAFE Fairy.

Our aim is to have a SAFE Fairy for every animal in need.

The more fairies an animal has, the easier it will be managing their costs while at the shelter. Funds are sorely needed to provide their bedding, feed and medical bills. Did you know that adoption fees rarely cover these costs? Most animals will be at the shelter for months before finding a new home. At the time of writing this, we have a few guinea pigs listed for adoption that have been waiting 1.5 years for a new home, and bunnies that have waited over 8 months. Our longest term rescue was with us for 3 years before someone fell in love with him. We believe every animal can find the perfect home, some just take longer than others.

At any given time we also have many animals behind the scenes, that are not listed and are being assessed, provided with essential vet treatment, etc. Did you know that every female guinea pig spends 63+ days in care before they’re even listed for adoption? This is to ensure that their adopter is not going to be surprised by their new guinea pig giving birth. The costs to maintain our high level of care and provide the best we can to the community means we need SAFE Fairies more than ever!

At the shelter, we also home animals that are not adoptable. Some animals arrive in our care in a state where their health is so compromised, that we give them a place to rest and be loved till the end of their days. We will update this page over time with some individual animals and their stories.

So, do you want to become a SAFE Fairy? What does this mean?

To be a Fairy, weekly donations of $7, $14 or $21 are made to the shelter. This is a great way for you to know that you are helping animals throughout the year. For the cost of only a couple of coffees each week, or a dollar a day, our doors can be open to some of the most needy, and we can look at taking on some patients with medical challenges. In return, not only will you know you’re making a difference, but will be invited to annual social gatherings to meet like minded Fairies, interact with the animals, and other benefits we’re currently discussing. This is the start of something we hope to grow each year!

Become a Fairy

To become a Fairy, please e-mail with:

  1. Full Name
  2. Mobile
  3. Preferred E-mail
  4. The name your sponsorship will be made under when transferring your weekly funds
  5. Whether you’d like to be a $7, $14, or $21 Fairy (you can also be a fairy to multiple rescues!)

SAFE Fairies can bestow their weekly gifts to:

BSB: 082309
Acc: 117337125
Porsches Rescue


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