Ernie and Bear

desexed, male guinea pig

Special home needed for some special boys! Ernie (white piggie, desexed male) was adopted from our shelter last year, to be a companion for Bear (brown and white piggie, undesexed male). It was a perfect match, and both boys were very loved by their family. Sadly though, their family are moving overseas, and so Ernie is coming back to the shelter to find a new home, with his little buddy Bear. You can read about Ernie's previous history at out shelter in the rehomed animals section of our website. But now I'll let his family say a few words about their piggies below:

"These beautiful boys have amazing, unique personalities and will do anything for their yummy veggies. Ernie and Bear are extremely vocal once they get used to you and will wheek all day long for their daily treats and cuddles. Bear is a little more reserved but once he settles he will love his pats. Ernie on the other hand is very tame and would be great for first time owners because of how easy he is to handle. These boys are in perfect health and are being rehomed due to the owners moving country. No young or small children because they are frightened by loud noises and sudden movements. These boys deserve a sweet and loving home."

Medical notes

Ernie and Bear has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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