desexed, male guinea pig

Chuck is one of many guinea pigs rescued, after he was was dumped and left for dead. He has been at the shelter for many months, medicated, and rehabilitated. He is no longer the scared piggie that will run into things in his haste to get away from you. This boy is full of character, and gets along with Nelson, Mitchel, Morris, Cheezel and Charming. To have 6 male guinea pigs living together like they do, is very unusual, and speaks volumes of their amazing natures.

Chuck is the more submissive piggie of the group. He is very content following the others around, however he is also the youngest, strongest and fittest of the group. With the prettiest, most even markings.

Chuck is used to living indoors, and being part of the family. A home that will continue to socialize him is essential, as we've put so much work into him already. He is just devine!

Medical notes

Chuck has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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