A Christmas Message from Porsche’s Rescue


It’s hard to believe that another Christmas is rapidly approaching, and it’s been a year since we moved the shelter to Glenorie, onto our dream property! The time has flown past, and so many things have happened over that year.

Our biggest achievement has been installing fencing all over the property, facilitating our livestock guardians to do their jobs and allowing the bunnies and guinea pigs safe outdoor playtime. On a personal note, it has also fullfilled a 9 year promise, which has seen Chrissy and Gizmo, our two rescue sheep, finally come home! *life complete*

We rescued and rehomed in excess of 150 animals. That’s an average of a life saved every two and a half days, which is a phenomenal achievement given our small rescue. A lot of work goes on for each and every one of these lives, with a combination of people helping. Our thanks go to the pound staff, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, council workers, laboratory technicians, and general public that contact Porsche’s Rescue needing help. This is essentially where it all starts, and although it stands to reason we simply can’t help every animal out there, we do our best to assist wherever possible.

Our network of transporters are an essential need for our rescued animals, with another extraordinary year of support lent by Karen Kaprot and many others, who drove countless hours all over NSW to bring us sick, injured or healthy but homeless pets. We have also been lucky enough to meet Deborah Davis late this year, who has been a massive help with transporting animals for vet work and bringing vegies every week. The animals really look forward to her visits!

Of course, we couldn’t find any of these animals homes without the wonderful photos. For this we must thank Monique Rusin, for her endless amount of patience each week, while I tell her “just one more” until we get the perfect shot. With her talent and the huge help of Kath Hunter, our 2015 Calendar is marvelous, and on sale now!

Each year we wish to also send a huge thanks to our generous vet Michelle Dalli and North Shore vet clinic. They are so busy, but Michelle always has the time for emergencies, and does so much volunteer work simply due to her love and empathy for animals (and people). Susie Almeida, a vet nurse, has also given so much of her own family time in fostering and driving rescues, we wish her all the luck with her upcoming birth!

Last but not least, there are all those people who adopted, offering wonderful (and hopefully forever) homes to our beautiful animals. Our supporters have also allowed us to continue by donations, purchasing our line of animal feeds, paticipating in fundraisers, boarding their pets, and in countless other ways. For all this and more, we’d like to say thanks. Thanks for helping a small rescue grow, and in its continued growth!

If you are staying at home this holiday season, perhaps it’s a good time to think of expanding the furry family. Right now we are at the highest influx of rescues, as irresponsible so-and-so’s dump their pets before leaving for holidays. Contrary to a lot of messages circulating around Christmas time, there is no correspondance between getting a pet for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc and being an irresponsible owner, so let’s make sure if people would like a Christmas puppy/rabbit/guinea pig, they’re always welcome at their local shelters 😉 Remember to adopt, not shop!

The animals at Porsche’s Rescue will enjoy their Christmas with good food, clean beds, safety and comfort. We really hope you do too!

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