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Sat 23rd May 2015 – Porsche’s computer is ‘down’.

Until the computer is ‘resuscitated’, please phone Porsche on 9652 1889 or leave a message with Chris on 9481 8517 for any boarding enquiries, drop offs or pick ups. Thank you.   28.5.15 Update: Hi everyone, our computer is back

Artworks for Auction – raising money for Rescue!

Following our first ever auction – which raised $182.45 from the sale of “Barking Owl” very generously donated by the talented artist, Lyndsey Hatchwell. we have 5 more artworks in different genres. All have been listed at the same time,

Happy New Year 2014

In the crazy December/January period, we’ve been flat-chat, given all the changes and goings-on with the shelter. However, we can now reflect on a successful 2013, and look towards a very exciting future, as we can only guess what 2014

Art Auction – painting by Lyndsey Hatchwell

Barking Owl – By Lyndsey Hatchwell As you’re all aware of by now, Porsche’s Rescue will soon be moving to some lovely acres in Glenorie, where the animals will have plenty of grass and space! As perfect as this property

Christmas Raffle Tickets on sale now!

We are selling raffle tickets this year to fundraise for fencing in our new location at Glenorie. Fencing is an essential part in running the shelter, as it will assist in keeping our animals securely inside, while equally importantly, assisting

A dream come true!

Today we break to you our grand news! In early December, Porsche’s Rescue will be moving!!! We have just purchased 5 acres in Glenorie, where we plan on building the shelter, and expanding our ability to save and care for

Interview with Audrey

You may remember reading about a very special rabbit who found her way to us in February earlier this year. Audrey unfortunately ended up at the pound after she was abandoned before Christmas, and the then-pregnant bunny gave birth to

Goodbye Natalie Watts (31/8/84 – 9/8/13)

Our news articles are mainly based around all the animals at our shelter, but there are many people working behind the scenes to make adoptions, rescues, rehabilitation of animals, etc happen. We’re very sad to find ourselves with one less

Happy Birthday Poppy!

One year ago, on this day, we welcomed a very special new member to our rescue family. Poppy is a maremma, and was only 11 weeks old when we brought her home. She’d had a very tough start to life,

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Mascot Alfonso and Porsche’s Rescue

It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago, on a normal day, I went to pick up the first bunny to form our rescue shelter in 2008. He had been held over for 3 weeks at the pound, which is