Please Read Before Adopting

  During the days and weeks that follow the arrival of your newly adopted family member, you’re sure to encounter some hiccups and challenges. Having done Rescue for so many years, I doubt there is anything I haven’t heard of,

Art Auction – painting by Lyndsey Hatchwell

Barking Owl – By Lyndsey Hatchwell As you’re all aware of by now, Porsche’s Rescue will soon be moving to some lovely acres in Glenorie, where the animals will have plenty of grass and space! As perfect as this property

Pets in the office

For many Australians, pets aren’t just pets, they are a member of the family. With more than 11 million pet owners across the country, we are a nation that finds it difficult to be without a furry companion by our

Interview with Audrey

You may remember reading about a very special rabbit who found her way to us in February earlier this year. Audrey unfortunately ended up at the pound after she was abandoned before Christmas, and the then-pregnant bunny gave birth to

Ideal housing

If I can only make one point, it would be that the bigger the enclosure is, -the better! When looking to house your pet, please don’t go to the closest petshop and listen to a salesperson whose job it is

Reasons for desexing

Desexing does carry a risk that you should be aware of, however it has many benefits. The most obvious is that you won’t be responsible for an unwanted litter of kits. Even if you’re keeping Miss Bun locked up safely

My bunny is agressive! Can you help me?

Step one, work out why your bunny is being aggressive. There is always a reason, and here are the main reasons: 1. He/she does not like you. You or someone else has previously been nasty to the bunny and now

Keeping your pet outdoors

It is not always possible to have your pet inside with you 24/7, and some animals prefer to live outside anyway. In this case you should never allow the situation to become “out of sight, out of mind” as you

Feeding Ferrets

After purchasing a variety of different recommended ferret food, and preferring to live a low preservative lifestyle for myself and my pets, I decided to make my own ferret food. This is very simple and anyone can make it, while

Feeding rabbits and guinea pigs

There are many different feeds available for rabbits and guinea pigs. I feed all the rescue animals with our own special mix that has been formulated as a maintenance diet for the rabbits and piggies over 6 months of age