desexed, vaccinated, female rabbit

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When our volunteer arrived with Carla in a box, we were warned she was dirty and very scared. No kidding! I don't know who peed on her and where she'd been, but her fur is clumpy, brittle, yellow and down right gross. However, she's moulting it off and looking all the better for it! Life on the streets can't be easy. Poor Carla was terrified and just wanted to get away. For the first few days at the shelter she hid, trembling out of sight. On the third or fourth day, it was like a light switch, and suddenly we got to meet the real Carla. The Carla that loves to run over for pats, and nudges your hand to get them! I'd dare say she's become one of the friendliest bunnies here! She gets so excited whenever she sees us approaching. The change has been so inspiring, she has such a love of life now and embraces each new situation. You wouldn't recognise her from the frightened little girl that arrived. We don't know how long poor Carla had to fend for herself on the streets, but it was long enough that she'd been knocked up and delivered some babies while impounded. Sadly, her babies didn't survive. Carla is now desexed and doesn't need to go through that trauma again.

Carla was a little hard to take a photo of, not because she isn't beautiful, but because she sways a lot, like a bored circus elephant. She might have come from the rough side of the tracks, but this girl has a bright future ahead, and she knows it! Her gratitude, love and trust has been truly rewarding. Carla is beautiful inside and out, she's just waiting for that special family to come along so she can continue to shine!

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Carla is available for $140. Learn about our fees and charges. If you have any enquiries or wish to apply to adopt Carla, please complete the enquiry form below. If you match Carla's needs, we will organise a meet'n'greet session.

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