Boarding Enquiry Form

Boarding is limited to small animals including: rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and ferrets.

Prices: Boarding is normally charged at $10 per day per animal. However, prices are subject to change without notice, and will increase during peak times when spaces become limited.

We are located at Glenorie, and hold appointments from 10-3pm. Please ensure the time you can drop off / pick up your pet falls between these times.

Please complete the boarding enquiry form below for a quote. Boarding is subject to space availablility and may be refused at the discretion of Porsche’s Rescue.

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  8. I agree to leave my pet(s) with Porsche's Rescue on (1) and to pick them up on (2). If I fail to pick up my pet(s) at the stated time, I realise there will be additional charges. Should I run late or wish to arrive earlier, I will contact the rescue on +61 (02) 9481 8517 to see if this is convenient and can be arranged. I realise damage may occur to the property I leave behind and do not hold the rescue responsible for its return. Should the pet(s) health decline or require any veterinary treatment, I understand efforts will be made to contact me but if I am unreachable, decisions can be made by the rescue as to the best treatment for my pet(s). All costs incurred through this will be refunded up to (3). Should treatment for mites/fleas/lice/worms be necessary during the pet(s) stay, I also agree to be charged for the treatment administered by the rescue. I do not hold the rescue responsible for anything that may occur to my pet(s) during their stay. I declare that I am the rightful owner/caretaker/custodian of the pet(s) stated on this form.

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