Big Ted

male guinea pig

Big Ted was born to Wilma on 9th Oct 2015, with his sister Miss Perfect, at the shelter. He's only ever known a kind hand, and as such is a sociable fellow who is easy to handle and has a love of life. Big Ted's mum was rescued from terrible conditions, and as such he was born very sick and blind. We worked very hard to save him as a tiny baby, and treated his eyes throughout the day to ensure he wouldn't stay blind. The medications and care worked, with his eyesight now 100%.

This boy is just gorgeous, and is currently living with Sasha and Little Ted. He can be adopted with either or both. The 3 boys love a good game, and are popcorning and doing zoomies inside all day. They love to go outside for a play and nibble on the grass, but are used to coming inside every night to continue their antics.

Little Ted has since been adopted, so Big Ted is looking for a home with his best pal, Sasha.

Medical notes

Big Ted has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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