Big Ted

male guinea pig

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Big Ted was born to Wilma on 9th Oct 2015, with his sister Miss Perfect, at the shelter. He's only ever known a kind hand, and as such is a sociable fellow who is easy to handle and has a love of life. Big Ted's mum was rescued from terrible conditions, and as such he was born very sick and blind. We worked very hard to save him as a tiny baby, and treated his eyes throughout the day to ensure he wouldn't stay blind. The medications and care worked, with his eyesight now 100%.

This boy is just gorgeous, and is currently living with Sasha and Little Ted. He can be adopted with either or both. The 3 boys love a good game, and are popcorning and doing zoomies inside all day. They love to go outside for a play and nibble on the grass, but are used to coming inside every night to continue their antics.

Little Ted has since been adopted, so Big Ted is looking for a home with his best pal, Sasha.

Medical notes

Adoption Process

Big Ted is available for $80. Learn about our fees and charges. If you have any enquiries or wish to apply to adopt Big Ted, please complete the enquiry form below. If you match Big Ted's needs, we will organise a meet'n'greet session.

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