Barry and Toby

desexed, male guinea pig

Barry (grey nose) and Toby (the spunk) are two absolutely gorgeous boys in need of a loving home! This is Toby's second time in rescue, having previously been adopted from the RSPCA, so we'd really like to see him settled into a forever home. It is obvious that both boys have been very well loved and cared for. Toby in particular has personality plus! He launches himself at you, and just loves and needs to be around people. His previous family warn that he will quite literally jump off the sofa to land on you, so you'd better be ready to catch him! Barry is also a snuggler, so happy to sit and watch tele with you. He's the quieter, more thoughtful of the pair, whereas Toby just wants to be with you all day. An indoor home where they're part of the family is a must, as it's what they've been used to. They are clean, well mannered, healthy boys. Just gorgeous <3

Medical notes

Barry and Toby has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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