Bam Bam

desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Hold onto your seats everyone, it's Bam Bam! I mean, can you honestly see how he could be any more perfect?! This boy has everything going for him, we couldn't believe when he showed up at a pound. Bam Bam by name and Bam Bam by nature, he certainly likes to throw things around and have a tantrum if he can't have things his way! Not a bunny you can lock up and leave, he gets bored easily and needs lots of stimulation and freedom. Absolutely hates being caged with a passion! His litter training has come along very nicely, so luckily he doesn't need to spend much time locked up. But, he is young, and he will chew and destroy things. Bam Bam will have what Bam Bam wants! There is no underestimating his larger than life personality. You have been warned, Bam Bam is ready to rule your household. You are mere servants in his presence, with the sole purpose of bringing sacrificial toys and supplying head rubs. You will bow in the wake of His Awesomeness! Bring this bun a throne :D

Note the cheeky glean in his eyes! This does not fade, it is always there. This boy is a loveable ball of mischief and cuteness, all in one!

Medical notes

Bam Bam has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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