desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

During those cold, stormy days a couple of weeks ago, a kind person was alerted to something not being right by her dogs barking in a frenzy outside in the rain. Luckily, she noticed little Aryas and took him in, contacting us for help. We're often at capacity, but one look at this bedraggled rabbit and we knew he needed us. Aryas was skinny and covered in mats, there is no doubt he would not have survived for long in the wild. Lucky he hopped into the right yard, even if his choice of entering despite barking residents is questionable.

Aryas had his full vet work, where the vets also managed to clip off some of his worst knots. Then it was a couple of hours of grooming, and let's face it, he has a bit of hair growth before he recovers his looks and self esteem. However, he is on his way there!

Honestly, I don't know why people keep breeding these highly adorable, long haired bunnies. Sure, they're cute and fluffy to make a quick sale when they're young, but never have I rescued a long haired bunny that hasn't been in terrible condition. I don't know of anyone other than myself who puts the time in to groom these poor bunnies, who rely so much on our combs and brushes. Anyhow, nothing we can do but keep highlighting the need for people to take pet ownership seriously. If you're going to get a long haired animal, make sure you have the time and dedication to keep them at their best.

Aryas is a friendly, outgoing little fuzz-ball, who absolutely loves to get attention. He gives you licks in gratitude as you pull out knots, and is happy to be handled all over. I really hope that there will be someone out there for him, who will fall in love despite the "grooming thing". It is, after all, a great way to bond with your bunny, and is an enjoyable experience for both groomer and the groomed, when done on a regular basis.

Update: Aryas was listed at the beginning of September, 2016, and found a home only one month later. Sadly, almost a year on, his parents are splitting and he'll be returning to the shelter to find a new parent and forever home. This gorgeous little guy continues to be sweet and friendly, and is not going to understand why he's back at the shelter. The sooner he finds a permanent home to settle in, the better.

Another Update: After finding another home on August the 30th 2017, we never imagined that 52 days later he'd be back! But there you go, maybe he should be renamed to Boomerang. Aryas was the perfect bunny, he got along with two cats in his home and they loved him and were besties, but the third cat hated him and was aggressive, so through no fault of his own, he is here again. His previous owner said he was perfect in every way, used the litter tray, let her brush him, was affectionate, sweet and loving. He simply returned because one of the cats didn't like him.

Can we PLEASE be lucky this time round with finding him a forever home? Aryas doesn't deserve to live in limbo, being handed around, and has done nothing wrong to deserve this. Pets, like children, need to be for life. How would you feel if you kept finding yourself at an orphanage. I wouldn't be surprised if he lost faith in humans, this can't go on. If you apply, make sure that through thick and thin, you can be there for him. Imagine every scenario, and consider whether you'd still have him with you in every possible eventuality. New baby? Moving? Allergies? Lack of time? Meteor shower? Keep going. I'm only interested in hearing from someone as stable as a pyramid. Ask yourself... are you a pyramid??

Medical notes

Aryas has found a new home and is no longer available for adoption.

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