The following animals are available for adoption. You can also view rehomed animals here.


desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Ghandi is wise old man, who is looking for a loving home in his later years of life. The vets have noticed he has an enlarged heart, but don't let that stop you from bringing this boy home. Goodness... Read more

Milo and Otis

desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Milo (fawn and white) and Otis (black and white) were dumped in a cardboard box by their previous owner. They are gorgeous little Netherland dwarf crosses, and love to play and be cheeky. Very clean, they... Read more

Barry and Toby

desexed, male guinea pig

Barry (grey nose) and Toby (the spunk) are two absolutely gorgeous boys in need of a loving home! This is Toby's second time in rescue, having previously been adopted from the RSPCA, so we'd... Read more


desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Patch is a bit of a surprise. After hearing how he came to be homeless, and arriving at the shelter late at night as a scared little boy, the last thing I imagined was that he'd come from a life of... Read more

Munchies and Snickers

female guinea pig

Munchies (brown girl) and Snickers (white faced desexed male) Munchies was listed for adoption very early this year, after she'd been dumped on the doorstep to a vet clinic. She only has one eye,... Read more

Sebastian and Julian

desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Sebastian (blue eyed white mini lop) and Julian (blue eyed brown mini lop) are brothers, that are looking for a new home due to no fault of their own. Their mum needs to return overseas, and not being... Read more


desexed, vaccinated, female rabbit

We were completely bamboozled (haha, get it?) when we found this stunning little girl at the pound! What a sweetie! She just loves her pats and is so small, and dare I say, a bit of a snob. Bamboo definitely... Read more


unknown gender other

Purcey was rescued from the pound. Although initially we thought Purcey might be a boy, we're now thinking more likely a girl, or a gay gander. So we're not certain about Purcey's gender... Read more


desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

During those cold, stormy days a couple of weeks ago, a kind person was alerted to something not being right by her dogs barking in a frenzy outside in the rain. Luckily, she noticed little Aryas and took... Read more