The following animals are available for adoption. You can also view rehomed animals here.


desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Jesse has been boarding at our shelter or over a year, while his parents are working overseas. Sadly, his parents have extended their stay, and have decided that instead of leaving Jesse in limbo, he should... Read more


desexed, vaccinated, female rabbit

Frieda was originally saved from a meat farm, where she was destined for slaughter. So, you could say she's already been saved twice, how many lives does this bunny have? The first thing you need... Read more


desexed, vaccinated, female rabbit

Alfalfa came to us from the pound. She is a very sweet and gentle girl, and just look at those ears! This bunny is a very girlie girl, with long, dark eyelashes, and she knows she's beautiful. We... Read more

Prince Caspian and Crystal

desexed, vaccinated, female rabbit

Caspian and Crystal were adopted from our shelter in 2013, however are now looking for a new home. This already bonded pair make a stunning couple, and are ready to join your family today. Prince Caspian... Read more


desexed, male guinea pig

Chuck is one of many guinea pigs rescued, after he was was dumped and left for dead. He has been at the shelter for many months, medicated, and rehabilitated. He is no longer the scared piggie that will... Read more


male guinea pig

Sasha is our little poster child, he is so pretty you can just see him gracing the covers of every guinea pig magazine! Sasha was born to Satine on the 11th Oct 2015. along with his siblings; Runty, Sophia... Read more

Big Ted

male guinea pig

Big Ted was born to Wilma on 9th Oct 2015, with his sister Miss Perfect, at the shelter. He's only ever known a kind hand, and as such is a sociable fellow who is easy to handle and has a love of... Read more