Rehomed Animals

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female guinea pig

Mavis was dumped with a sebaceous cyst, which our vet was able to operate on to save her life. Over the last few months Mavis has had time to recover from the surgery and regrow her hair. We've gotten... Read more

Abra, Kadabra, Magic, Hocus and Pocus

female chicken

These poor chookies have had a hard life. Abra, Kadabra, Hocus and Pocus started their lives as battery hens. Things looked up for them when they were rescued by the RSPCA, however sadly since then they've... Read more


unknown gender other

Bernie was rescued from the pound, and boy does he/she have a lot to say! In that awkward transitional age between cute, fluffy duckling, and sleek, white duck, Bernie is looking for a home with other... Read more

StarDust and MoonLight

female guinea pig

Stardust (caramel face) and Moonlight (brown face) are two stunning girls that were saved by inspectors, but had to come to our shelter as they were too frightened to be adopted. They've spent a couple... Read more

Ernie and Bear

desexed, male guinea pig

Special home needed for some special boys! Ernie (white piggie, desexed male) was adopted from our shelter last year, to be a companion for Bear (brown and white piggie, undesexed male). It was a perfect... Read more

Yub Jub – On hold

male guinea pig

Yub Jub was born in foster care, after his mum was found abandoned in a backyard. He is a veeery cute baby, who is still so small. He would love to be adopted with a friend! Being so young, he will easily... Read more


female guinea pig

Amsterdam was born in foster care, after her mum was found abandoned in a backyard and pregnant. She has perfect dutch markings, hence her name, with the most beautiful, little, white paws. Such a little... Read more


desexed, vaccinated, female other

Pepa had multiple homes before she found herself abandoned at a pound. She is going on 8 years, but don't think that makes her an old gal, cause this puppy has not slowed down the least, not even... Read more


male other

Tony is quite the show budgie! He is a really gorgeous little man, who makes trilling sounds during the day. He likes to get out of his cage at every opportunity, and has never bitten when being handled.... Read more


desexed, vaccinated, male rabbit

Did you want a bunny that is happy to sit on your lap for hours on end, getting pats? One who is calm, gentle, affectionate, but not really high energy? Frank's your man! On the largish size, Frank... Read more